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Sicily 1943

Sicily screenshot

Sicily 1943 is a historical wargame on the W.W.II invasion of Sicily. New (relative to Blitzwar) are routines for stacking, exploitation movement, limited intelligence, reinforcement placement and hold back, map control, and (attack) supply. The game's Order of Battle and combat result tables are included as external text files that can be edited to create game variations.

click here to download Sicily 1943 (166kb)


Screen blow-up German Movement/Combat phase in Blitzwar

Blitzwar is a hypothetical WWII east front divisional level game. The zip file includes the program, and QuickBASIC source code. It was created to gain experience with the Future Library and to try out some game mechanics ideas. The game balance isn't great, but it works.

click here to download Blitzwar.zip (202kb)

HexMap 4.5

Hexmap is a tool for creating hexagon based game maps. The zip file includes the program, and QuickBASIC source code. The program has a built-in tile editor. The program supports two road and rivers types and up to two hundred different tiles. Only rectangular shape tiles are supported. The intention is to save the completed map as a series of BMP files for final editing. This was how the map for Blitzwar was created. Note the Paint program in Windows 98 and higher can save files in GIF format (though it can't load them) which can save a lot of room. A significant new feature for Hexmap 4.5 is the ability to have the hex grain run up and down in addition to left and right.

click here to download HexMap 4.5 (106kb)

click here to download HexMap 4.5 QuickBasic Code (23Kb)

MapDraw is a tool for creating hexagon maps mostly through draw commands rather than bitmapped images. Roads and rivers are defined as editable bezier curves. Terrain features (e.g. woods, lakes, ..) are defined by a series of editable line segments and a fill pattern. The line segments can be fractal, bezier or straight. Text labels can be edited or relocated at anytime. It's primarily intended for my own use for creating wargames, but I decided to add a bitmap output feature to aid desktop wargame publishers. The 1.00 version adds screen mode selection, scroll speed selection, a File selector for Loading and Save As, definitions forms for pattern and overlay bmp files, hex numbering, and overlays. Still to come are external font selection and up-down hex grain option.

click here to download MapDraw 1.00 (419kb)