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Latest News

5/12/02 The user interface on Kursk has been redone.  Icons have replaced the menu bar, a permeant mini-map has been added, and the map scrolls when the mouse is located at the outside edge.
4/20/02 Form Edit (source code) has been added to Blitz Code page for down-loading.  Time to start a new project.
2/9/02 Freeze stop providing free email service on 1/9/02. Any mail sent there is lost forever. My new (redirected) email address is The lack of feedback on Kursk has caused me to put that project on hold. Currently I am working on (dialog) form editing tool. The next project after that will probably be a wargame design program.

1/3/02 Scenario Editor complete. Set-up phase option added to game. Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

12/6/01 Added; Keyboard input to most dialog box features,Top unit options, AT and ART CRT view option. Scenario Editor almost complete.

11/19/01 Kursk Demo updated to 0.85. Sound, reinforcements, OKH & STAVKA reserves implemented. Advance, and retreat and AT and artillery subroutines improved.

11/05/01 Kursk Demo updated to 0.80. Supply, LOC, Command, Defensive artillery, unit breakdown and recombination, Minimap and scroll arrow features implemented.

10/22/01 Kursk Demo updated to 0.75. Kursk Mapboard and July OB complete. OB (Order of Battle) feature added. The final push to finish up begins.

10/9/01 Map completed for Kursk. Mapdraw version 3.1 added to download section. New features include lake (block) hexsides and grayed out hexes. Datafile size reduced to ca. 50%. BMP output bugs fixed.

9/28/01 Kursk Demo updated to version 0.7. Overrun, Replacements, and German AT and Artillery rules added.

9/16/01 A Kursk demo has been added to the download section. It's playable (2-turns) but many features remain to be implemented.

8/18/01 We moved from Georgia to Pittsburgh

8/8/01 MapDraw 3.0 complete and added to the download section. Fortified and hill hexsides have been added to MapDraw along with two new road types (single and double tracked railroads). Screening rendering time has also been vastly reduced.

7/27/01 Version V.02 of Kursk complete. Only the basic adiminstration and movement phases are functional but overall the game is looking very good. Time to take a break and get MapDraw upgraded to version 3.0 and added to the download section.

7/7/01 For the Kursk project I had to add fortified and hill hexsides to MapDraw along with two new road types (single and double tracked railroads). The new features need further testing before the new version of MapDraw will be posted for downloading. I did notice a speed issue with very large maps, which I plan to fix. The southern half of the Kursk map is completed and initial map and unit drawing routines have been written (See the image on the Home page).

6/21/01 Contacted Decision Games about doing a conversion of SPIs Kursk 1980 edition. I plan to submit a Beta version and then see what they willing to commit to.

6/5/01 MapDraw version 2.0 posted to download section. New features include the option to include 4 external TTF fonts for text mode (edit Fonts.txt) and the option to have the hex -grain run north-south (can only be changed for new maps).

5/27/01 Blitz code download section added to website.

5/25/01 MapDraw version 1.00 posted to the download section. New features for version 1.0 include; A File Selector for Loading and Save As functions, hex numbering, screen mode selection, overlay terrain features, definition forms for the overlay and fill pattern BMP files and a scroll speed form.

4/25/01 MapDraw 0.7 posted to the download section. The program is essentially complete although a few features remain to be implemented (e.g. font and fill pattern selection, hex numbering, file selection, and overlay features (forts, towns)) before its truly complete.

4/06/01 The core functions of MapDraw including Load/Save/New, Terrain, Road, Rivers(2 types),and Text modes are now fully functional. The focus is now on support features such as .bmp output, dynamically changing hex and map sizes, hex numbering, and other bell and whistles.

3/30/01 Terrain mode is coming along rapidly. It actually turned out to be much simpler to change the existing road/river functions, which use independent line segments then to take the link list approach from shape editor. Next step; create input forms for various functions and features. Added to the tips section.

3/29/01 Text, road and river modes are functioning in MapDraw. The next big hurdle is getting the terrain mode functioning. I will be using the functions I previously developed for my Shape Editor Demo program. Added to the tips section.

3/26/01 The website is running well, overall using the on-line editing tools seems a lot more convenient than working off-line and then uploading the revised site. The only drawback so far is the delay when switching editing modes. With a faster Internet connection, I am sure that would disappear. Added Tips page to web site. MapDraw is coming together, with the focus being on completing Road mode

3/21/01 Just started the process of setting up a webpage on Tripod after webprovider essentially went kaput. Initially I had plan to set-up at Fortune City but Trellix's download gem doesn't work from their site, which renders them useless.