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Blitz Code


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Blitz programs/code for down loading and free use. If you find something useful here please drop me a line.

Form Edit is a utility program (source code) for graphiclly creating Forms (dialog boxes)

click here to download Form Edit (38kb) file

Form Demo: Includes the code for creating and control dialog boxes (i.e. forms). Supported features include, text, buttons, sliders, check boxes, radio buttons, images, and edit boxes. The demo highlights use of most of the features.

click here to download Form Demo

Shape Editor: Demonstates the use of link list to create and maintain irregular shapes.

click here to download file

Fast Pixel Fill: Is a very fast flood fill routine and demo program.

click here to download file

Speed Test:Compares the speed of using cliping versus bound checking.

click here to download Speedtest (1.3Kb)

Big Map Demo: Shows how to control a playing area much larger than the screen.

click here to download Mapdemo (4.1kb)

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